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Commercial Landlord

Commercial landlord insurance protects both the building and property within the building that a landlord owns. This helps you protect your investment and rebuild in the event of a covered claim. It’s important to note that landlord insurance only covers property that the landlord specifically owns. This means coverage does not extend to tenants and their property. Claims can also be denied for mistakes made by the landlord. For example, if a landlord tries to fix wiring him/herself and a fire results from faulty wiring – insurance companies won’t cover the fire damage.

Jonas-Meeke Insurance will make sure you fully understand what is and isn’t covered in your landlord insurance policy to help you get the coverage you need and avoid any pitfalls or actions that result in less coverage.

What's Covered?

Break-ins: You are not responsible for repair or replacement costs stemming from forcible entry, theft or related damages.

Vandalism: If a tenant or guest maliciously damages or vandalizes your property, your costs are covered.

Legal/Liability/Medical: If legal action results from injury caused to a visitor on your property, your court costs and any subsequent medical costs or damages are covered.

Eviction Expenses: Any legal costs you incur in the process of evicting a tenant are covered.

Tax Deductible

Because your landlord insurance policy is an investment expense, it is tax-deductible! You can deduct the premiums you pay for nearly every option related to your commercial rental activity.