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Health insurance covers medical and surgical expenses in the case of illness or injury. Depending on the coverage, your insurance provider will reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses or pay your provider directly.

Health insurance includes a deductible – the amount you must pay out-of-pocket before insurance kicks in to cover the rest. Plans with higher out-of-pocket costs usually have smaller monthly premiums. Conversely, plans with lower deductibles tend to have a higher premiums. It can be difficult to navigate the balance between premiums and deductibles as well as the types of coverage included in each policy. Jonas-Meeke Insurance is here to help you weigh your options and provide the right policy for you needs.

Individual Coverage

Individual policies provide health insurance coverage for 1 member – you.

Health insurance helps deter the financial burden from medical expenses (did you know that medical bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcy?). With a wide range of plans and diverse network of doctors, clinics and hospitals, Jonas-Meeke Insurance will set you up with a policy designed to:

  • Protect you financially.
  • Connect you with a doctor you trust.
  • Provide the healthcare you need when you need it.
  • Deliver routine and preventive care.
  • Ensure better overall healthcare.

Family Coverage

Deductible Structure

Family health insurance policies cover two or more members. It’s important to consider the structure of the deductible when shopping for family coverage. Some policies have separate deductibles for each individual family member. Some have a 2 or 3 member maximum – requiring those 2 or 3 members to reach their deductibles before other members receive benefits.

Individual vs. Collective Family Rate

It’s also important to consider whether your insurance provider prices health insurance by individual family member or a collective family rate. For instance, some companies have flat family rates regardless of the number of dependents on the policy. This might benefit a large family but be unnecessarily costly for a family with only 1 child.